Advancing Beef Safety and Quality through Research and Innovation

ProSafeBeef is an Integrated Project supported under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union.  This Project involves 41 leading research and industrial organisations working in 18 different countries.  ProSafeBeef is a 5 year project which commenced on March 1st 2007.This provides a strong imperative for innovative research and development to permit the European beef chain to operate at competitive and sustainable levels while at the same time delivering safe, high quality products to its many consumers.

The key objectives of ProSafeBeef are:

  • Developing and applying quantitative risk assessment models to monitor, trace and reduce   microbial /chemical contamination in the beef chain .
  • Establishing novel control and intervention strategies for microbial pathogens at key points in the beef chain to maximise the safety of beef and beef products.
  • Satisfying consumer demand for diversity and choice and both invigorate and add value to the beef chain by developing innovative processing techniques and products.
  • Engaging with SME's, expert collaborators from 3rd countries and INCO partners with a vested interest in beef export to assist in delivery of the ProSafeBeef project.

    Pillars: ProSafeBeef is divided into 7 areas: for more click here
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment for Microbial and Chemical Contaminants.
  • Intervention Strategies for Microbial Control.
  • Nutrition and Quality Improvements.
  • Innovations in Beef Processing and Products.
  • Consumer Issues - Safety and New Products.
  • Technology and Information Transfer and Training.
  • Management and Co-ordination.

  • Management:
    Geraldine Duffy, Head of Food Safety, Teagasc, Food Research Centre Ashtown
    Project Manager:
    Orla Lynch, Teagasc, Food Research Centre Ashtown

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